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Udaipur is a picture-perfect destination for a road trip. Being one of the most visited places in the country, Udaipur holds great importance for the country. The best way to explore this beautiful city is by renting a bike and exploring the various beautiful attractions of the city. A bike on rent in Udaipur can certainly allow you to visit the inner parts of the city which you would have missed otherwise. With all these benefits, renting a bike can be made much easier when it is done from Rentnhop.
Rentnhop is an easy bike rental company providing one of the best bike rentals in Udaipur. With our bike rentals, you can visit various attractive spots of the city without dishing out huge money. We believe in minimum documentation and minimum security deposits so that our rentals are easy and quick for you. We have a wide range of two-wheelers for bikes rentals in Udaipur at the best price from our trusted and verified vendors. What are you waiting for, plan a trip to Udaipur, get a Scooty on rent in Udaipur from Rentnhop and savour an experience of a lifetime!

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Bike Rental in Udaipur should be Easy, Like our FAQs.

Do you provide monthly bikes on rent in Udaipur?

Yes, we understand the different needs of renting a bike in places like Udaipur. Tourists need a bike on rent for their trip only but the locals can get a monthly bike on rent in Udaipur. Getting a monthly bike on rent can also cost you less than renting a bike daily. You can check our website for prices.

Can we get a scooty on rent in Udaipur?

Yes! You can get scooty on rent in Udaipur from Rentnhop. We have a wide variety of scooty options to choose from, so you'll be sure to find a vehicle that suits your needs. You can even rent a scooter if you want! It's all up to you.

What are important documents for renting a bike?

When you are renting a bike, there are some important documents you should have with you. This includes your driver's licence, an ID card, and a credit card or debit card. You will also need to show proof of insurance when renting a bike. If you don't have any of these documents with you when renting a bike, then the rental company may not rent to you.

How to get a bike on rent in Udaipur easily?

When people rent bikes from us, they frequently remark on how simple and easy it is. We are the first bike rental company in India to provide E-KYC Verification for a simple and speedy pickup on the day of the trip. We are able to guarantee that the bikes we hire out are in good shape and are constantly traceable thanks to innovations like KMs-based Bike Servicing notifications, GPS monitoring, Quick Fix guidelines, etc.

Facts about Udaipur

According to Wikipedia, the ideal destination for a road vacation is Udaipur. Udaipur, one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, is significant to the nation. Bike on rent in Udaipur and touring the city's many attractive sights is the ideal way to discover this lovely city. You can tour the inner city areas of Udaipur that you might otherwise miss if you rent a bike there. With all these advantages, renting a bike in Udaipur from Rentnhop had been made much simpler than before.

Why Rentnhop is best for a bike on rent in Udaipur?

You may have a lot of options for Udaipur bike rental providers, but what if we tell you Rentnhop is the best bike rental company? One of the most popular bike rental companies in the nation is RentnHop. RentnHop, a straightforward bike rental company, provides Activa on rent in Udaipur. We are a respectable company that has been successfully providing Two Wheeler on rent in Udaipur.
We have a wide variety of well-kept bikes and scooty available at our shop. We are renowned for providing some of Udaipur’s most affordable bike rentals. With the aid of our bike on rent in Udaipur, you may enjoy your excursions to Udaipur and explore the city as you choose.
One of the greatest bike rentals in Udaipur is offered by Rentnhop, a simple bike rental organisation. You may explore many of the city's picturesque locations without spending a fortune with the help of our bike hire in Udaipur. To make renting simple and quick for you, we adhere to minimal documentation requirements and security deposits. From our dependable and certified vendors, we provide a large selection of rental scooty on rent in Udaipur at the cheapest prices. So, What are you waiting for? Arrange a trip to Udaipur, rent a bike from Rentnhop, and enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Benefits of renting bike

Easy & Convenient: Rent bikes anywhere in the city using our app or website. Just select the type of bike you want from our list and book it conveniently from your home!
Cheap & Affordable: Our prices are very affordable and affordable for everyone. You can even pay cash if you don’t have a credit card or other payment option like a debit card etc.
Fast Service: Our team is always available 24/7 to provide help whenever needed. We want you to enjoy your trip without any hassle.

How to reach Udaipur ?
By Air

The town's airport, known as Maharana Pratap Airport, is located 22 kilometres from the center of Udaipur city. Major cities including Delhi, Jodhpur, Mumbai, and Jaipur are easily accessible from Maharana Pratap Airport through Air India, Air India Regional, Jet Airways, and Kingfisher Airlines. And you can easily find a bike on rent in Udaipur Airport.

By Rail

The town features a train station that goes by the name of Udaipur Railway Station. Through the Adi Udz Express, Bdts Aii Udz Express, Mewar Express, and Ananya Express, it is well connected to important cities like Ahmedabad, Ajmer, Khajuraho, and Sealdah. We offer bikes on rent in Udaipur Railway station, so you don’t have to hustle for finding them.

By Road

It takes 80 kilometres to get from Dungla to Udaipur, 116 Km to get from Chittorgarh, 168 km to get from Bhilwara to Udaipur, 209 Km to get from Raipur, 268 Km to get from Jodhpur, 269 km to get from Ajmer, 283 Km to get from Kota, 419 Km to get from Jaipur, and 565 km to get from Alwar. Therefore, a person who plans to visit Udaipur shouldn't worry too much about getting there.

Affordable places to live in Udaipur

Near Old City

This is the ideal area to stay if you're a curious tourist who enjoys exploring new places and learning about the history and culture of the city. You can really sense the spirit of the old city of Udaipur when you walk through the small lanes, vibrant shops, and bustle of activity. There are many tourist sites in the area, such as City Palace, Jagdish Temple, and Gangaur Ghat. To visit this old city, get a bike on rent in Udaipur and have your own vehicle to avoid taxi fares.

Hiran Magri

The largest residential colony in Udaipur, Hiran Magri is further divided into sectors and is home to numerous individuals. Tourists are advised to visit this region with a bike on rent in Udaipur because it is very safe, has simple access to everything they need, and has some really affordable accommodations.

Near the City Railway station

There are many hotels in the vicinity with reasonable rates, so those who want to come to Udaipur by rail or bus need not worry about accommodations or travelling. You can find a bike on rent in Udaipur near the railway station. The popular destinations and tourist attractions are also not far away.

Mulla Tulai

One factor that draws visitors from all over the world to this city, besides its stunning beauty and fascinating history, is its opulent and extravagant hotels, some of which are situated at Hari Das Ji Ki Magri. So, if you wish to stay in one of these prestigious hotels and enjoy their royal hospitality, you must do so here.

Near Lake Pichola

BLast but not least, Lake Pichola, the most popular tourist site, is well known for a variety of factors. The Pichola Lake area is surrounded by a variety of lodging options, from cheap to opulent, that are suited for both domestic and foreign guests. Simply watching the sunset, taking pictures, and taking a boat ride are all options.

Top 5 Places to visit in Udaipur
Fateh Sagar

The city of Udaipur is referred to as the Venice of the East and is well-known as the Lake City or the City of Lakes. You cannot fully appreciate Udaipur unless you have taken in the breathtaking views of its lakes. Such a location can be seen in Udaipur near Fateh Sagar. Even the locals of Udaipur enjoy spending the majority of their time in Fateh Sagar, not just visitors
Some people feel that their day is incomplete if they don't go to the lake and spend some time there. Tourists or even locals use bike rental in Udaipur to reach this place. This is what gives the area its enchantment. Sitting next to it and taking in the comical beauty of the lake might keep you entertained for a while. Your interest in Fateh Sagar would undoubtedly be caught by Mumbai Bazar.

City Palace

Maharana Udai Singh Ji constructed the City Palace, which is situated in the centre of Udaipur. At the edge of Pichola Lake is where the palace is located. It is unquestionably a location that someone with a great interest in Rajasthan's history would want to visit. It is close to the well-known Jagdish Temple, and the Palace offers a stunning view of the Jag Mandir and Lake Palace, which are both situated in the middle of Pichola Lake. You can get here with our bike on rent in Udaipur at very cheap rates.
The majority of the City Palace has been transformed into a museum that showcases various preserved artefacts and armour. The museum displays a sizable assortment of tools, clothing, furniture, and other items.

Sajjan Garh

In Udaipur, on a mountaintop with a view of the Pichola Lake, lies the magnificent Sajjan Garh. Built-in 1884, it bears the name of Maharana Sajjan of the Mewar Dynasty. It is the ideal location to view for those who appreciate nature and wildlife. The Sajjan Garh provides a sweeping perspective of the area around the city and its lakes.
Since a few years ago, the area has been under the supervision of the Forest Department and is accessible to the public. The area is well known for its breathtaking views of the sunsetting.

Gulab Bagh

The ideal location for those who appreciate nature is Gulab Bagh. Visit this location if you want to truly experience Udaipur's lush surroundings. It is located in the city's core. The Green Heart of the city and the source of clean, fresh air for the people of Udaipur, Gulab Bagh is the lifeblood of the city.
The Gulab Bagh Zoological Garden and the Mini Train are the two main attractions in Gulab Bagh that will undoubtedly catch the attention of children. Gulab Bagh is spread out across a vast area, thus it would be best to take the Mini Train Ride around the full perimeter of Gulab Bagh. Your trip to Gulab Bagh would be made memorable by the train ride or riding your bike on rent in Udaipur.

Lake Palace

Your attention will be captured by the famed Lake Palace's elegance and picturesque setting on the 4-km-long artificial Lake Pichola. The Taj Group presently runs the palace, which has enthralling views of the Aravalli Hills. The history walks are to die for, and this is unquestionably one of the most charming places in the entire state.
With its sculpted marble and mouldings, this magnificent palace was erected by Maharaja Jagat Singh II and will astound you. From Rameshwar Ghat to the City Palace, you can spend the entire day floating on the serene Lake Pichola while you're here. To reach Lake Palace, you can find a bike on rent in Udaipur at affordable rates through Rentnhop.

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