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Mumbai has something for everyone—ferry trips, animals, sampling regional cuisine, and exploring historic forts and sacred sites. Whether planning a family vacation or a fast weekend getaway, Mumbai has a tonne of activities to keep everyone entertained. You'll end up having more fun than you can imagine, whether you decide to spend time with your better half on Marine Drive or take a ride by bike on rent in Mumbai.
When you ride a bike, you can take a break from your busy schedule to breathe in some fresh air. And riding a bike on Mumbai roads is the most beautiful feeling in the world. No one of us has a bike that we can use to commute at our convenience. All of us don't have the money for expensive bikes. However, you can rent bikes in Mumbai that won't break the bank and will make commuting simple. You can now go for self drive bike in Mumbai or scooty on rent in Mumbai and ride them everywhere in the city.
South Mumbai attracts people with its old-fashioned building whereas north Mumbai is remembered as a new modern world. To visit all the places around Mumbai, the best way is to book a bike on rent in Mumbai, as it is the most convenient way. For some people it could be very difficult to find the best option for bike rental in Mumbai, RentnHop is the best bike rental company that provides bikes on rent in Mumbai.

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Bike Rental in Mumbai should be Easy, Like our FAQs.

How to rent a bike in Mumbai?

Renting a bike in Mumbai is one of the easiest things you can do. Visit our website to check the best bike on rent in Mumbai and book one of your choices after booking you need to visit the place to get your bike.

Do you provide a bike on rent in Mumbai for Juhu beach?

Yes, Juhu beach is one of the most visited places in Mumbai. Most people come here to visit Juhu beach so it was really important to provide bikes on rent near Juhu beach. You can select a bike of your choice and visit here to enjoy being here.

Can you give me the cost to rent a bike in Mumbai?

Our bike ranges from cheapest to most expensive, it totally depends on the quality and model of the bike. We offer bike rental in Mumbai like Apache200,Access125, R15M & more. According to your choice, it can start from 500/day to 3500/day. And all renting bike are high-quality models so you don't have to worry about the quality. So, visit our website to know about bikes on rent in Mumbai.

Which is the better option to rent Scooty or a bike?

Most people get confused about bike rental service in Mumbai. Because it may get hard to choose between scooty on rent in Mumbai or motorcycle rental mumbai. It also depends from person to person. Mumbai is a very busy city and you'll get to see roads full of cars, bikes and scooty. Some people find it suitable to scooty on rent in Mumbai and some like to rent bikes. You might see the difference between the cost of both vehicles. You can get a scooty for a cheaper price than a taxi fare. So, it is always an ideal choice for a two-wheeler on rent in Mumbai.

Why RentnHop is the best option for Mumbai bike rental?

In India, you will get to see a lot of companies providing bike rental services across the country. But, RentnHop always stands out in providing bike on rent in Mumbai. A small number of retailers in Mumbai offer bike renting services but RentnHop provides it across the country. You can check bike on rent in Goa to know about our service for different cities. We also provide our service to cities like Goa, Chandigarh, Delhi, Manali etc.
Every need can be met by a bike, from light -duty to those made for everyday use. Your security is very important to RentnHop, thus we make sure that all the scooty on rent in Mumbai we provide are in good shape and undergo regular maintenance.
RentnHop is the ideal and most convenient choice if you are looking for a two-wheeler on rent in Mumbai. Due to the business of the city, every single person has a need for a vehicle for traveling. From attending meetings to meeting families, so why not hire bike in Mumbai.It gives you the freedom to go anywhere you wish to.
You have a wide range of options when choosing a daily commuter bike, including many premium models. Bikes from our rental are available for road trips to destinations like Nasik, Kolad, and many more.
Believe it or not, RentnHop has changed the perspective of people about 2 wheeler on rent in Mumbai. We have made it very easy to get a two-wheeler on rent in Mumbai. RentnHop provides a greater selection of bike types, from sports bikes to commuting cycles, for rent at a low cost. Booking is simple through our website. Even we offer sports bike on rent in Mumbai and bullet on rent in Mumbai.

Table of Content

  1. Benefits of bike rentals bike in Mumbai
  2. Beneficial to the environment
  3. Improve Your biking Techniques
  4. Convenient Transportation
Benefits of bike rentals in Mumbai

If you love riding bikes, using bike rental services might be one of your finest options because they are both practical and affordable. As a result, you can get a bike on rent in Mumbai on monthly basis thanks to the creation of many bike rental shops.
Renting a bike in Mumbai has several advantages because you may choose from a variety of bikes, including tandems and cruisers.

Beneficial to the environment

One of the main arguments in favor of renting bike in Mumbai is the environment. It is advised that you think about renting a bike on rent in Mumbai for your convenience because it can reduce traffic and pollution in the city compared to auto & taxis.
Since there is already a lot of traffic in Mumbai, if you were a visitor visiting the city, you might want to consider going for bike rental service in Mumbai because you would be exposed to less traffic and pollution. Additionally, the environment is one of the main justifications for renting a bike in Mumbai, since it can help the environment by causing less pollution than by the other modes of transportation.

Improve Your biking Techniques

You should think about renting bike in Mumbai if you have little or no experience riding a bike as it can be one of the better options,if you want to improve your riding skills.For your benefit, you can get scooty on monthly rent in Mumbai or a any other bikes on rent in Mumbai and ride around your neighborhood.
As purchasing a bike can be expensive as it requires maintenance and other fees apart from this if you are relocating, getting noc, transportation a hectic process.So why not, get royal enfield on rent in Mumbai as it may be a more cost-effective option. Because of this, you must think about bike on rent in Mumbai in order to improve your riding abilities.

Convenient Transportation

The convenience of bike on rent in Mumbai is one of the fundamental justifications for doing so. Due to their form, bikes are the most convenient and adaptable modes of transportation. They also emit less pollution. Consequently, a bike can assist you in quickly reaching any destination. As a result, you might think of it as one of the practical means of transportation.

How to reach Mumbai?
By Air

Numerous flights are available to get you to Mumbai. The Sahar International Airport, now known as Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, is Mumbai's international terminal. From here, the majority of foreign flights depart for numerous domestic and international destinations. Although, we offer bikes on rent in Mumbai Airport also.

By Rail

The two train stations in Mumbai are Bombay Central Station and Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST), formerly known as Victoria Terminus. Eastern and southern regions are served by central trains, while western railways go from Church gate and central stations northward.

By Road

A comprehensive road system connects Mumbai to the rest of India. One of the most effective bus systems is the city's public bus system, called BEST. Both interstate roadway buses and privately owned, dilapidated buses are operated.

Where to stay in Mumbai affordably?

Local transportation, schools, universities, healthcare facilities, retail malls, and other amenities are important factors to take into account while choosing a place to live. It will help you make decisions about the neighborhoods that are the best values as well as the services and amenities that are provided at each of these locations. You can visit all these places by Bike Rental in Mumbai.


On the Western line, Goregaon used to have just a few apartment buildings. Nevertheless, things have changed, and the neighborhood is thriving as different developers take advantage of what the area has to offer. RentnHop offers bikes on rent in Mumbai near Goregaon.


Ghatkopar features a mixture of antique and newer residential buildings and is situated in the center of a quiet and serene neighborhood. This region is crucial from a strategic standpoint because of easy access to the western suburbs provided by the Andheri-Ghatkopar metro. If you're looking for rental choices for a studio, 1 or 2-bedroom flat in Mumbai, Ghatkopar is thought to be one of the most reasonable and inexpensive neighborhoods. And we offer bike on rent in Mumbai near Ghatkopar


One of the newly constructed and rising residential areas is Thane, which goes through several changes every day. Reputable hospitals, shopping centers, schools, entertainment venues, and other facilities can be found there. All though it's a very cheap place and you can get activa on rent in Mumbai to reach here


The "Real Estate Sector of the Year'' has been awarded to Vikhroli for its superior social infrastructure, which includes banks, schools, universities, amusement parks, and commercial enterprises. It is one of the most reasonably priced neighborhoods in Mumbai because of its accessible location. There are good rail and road connections to Vikhroli. And you'll get to see affordable bike rental in Mumbai near Vikhroli.

Borivali s

Borivali, a residential neighborhood in northern Mumbai, has a lot of brand-new houses. Borivali is one of the few places in Mumbai that is entirely encircled by the flora and large mangrove belts. The Borivali railway station acts as a point of departure for both local and outstation trains. The commercial and IT regions that can be reached by the Western Line of the Mumbai suburban train network include Andheri, Malad, Goregaon, and Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC).

Places to visit in Mumbai
Manori Beach

Manori is a quiet village that is fairly close to the Mumbai suburbs. It is frequently called Manori Creek. Local Kolis, Kunbis, and Bhandari peasants who primarily fish and cultivate in Manori are also known as East Indians.
Manori, sometimes known as "Mini Goa," is a popular weekend destination for Mumbai residents since it's quite accessible and gives you the feeling that you're in Goa. Due to its popularity, the area has a large number of hotels and cottages that welcome visitors for both an overnight stay and a daytime picnic.
Although it may be visited all year round, the best months to go are from October to February when the weather is less humid. We also offer monthly bikes on rent in Mumbai for all the consumers.

Mahakali Caves

There are seven images of Buddha and figures from Buddhist mythology in the largest cave (cave 9). In Andheri's eastern suburb, there is a Buddhist monastery. It is situated close to the intersection of Seepz and the Jogeshwari-Vikhroli link road. Mahakali Caves Road is the name of the street that runs from the monument to Andheri Kurla Road. The BEST offers a direct bus service that connects the caverns and the Andheri train station. Visit our website to check bike rent in Mumbai to reach Mahakali Caves.
You will be enthralled by the skill with which those sculptures were created. They have apparently always had a keen eye for design. They included figures from Buddhist mythology, each of which represented a distinct narrative.

Gateway of India

Any time of the year is a good opportunity to visit the India Gateway. I would advise going in the early morning and late at night. You should aim to visit during the week rather than the weekends or public holidays when there may be a large crowd. Get a bike on rent in Mumbai and reach here easily.
Near the Gateway of India is where the famous Elephant Caves may be found. From the Gateway of India, boats can be rented to travel to Elephant Islands, commonly known as Elephanta Caves. The statues of revered figures Swami Vivekananda and Shivaji Maharaj can be seen near the Gateway of India entry. The most prominent and well-known Taj Mahal Hotel is located across from the Gateway of India building.

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