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Bangalore is the major IT hub of our country. The city has been continuously growing due to the ever-increasing industries. With the population of the city increasing significantly, traffic in the city has been on a high which majorly consists of cars and buses. People often get stuck in traffic and get late for work. With this, public transport has been seeing increasing pressure. In such a tricky situation, you can use a bike instead of a car or public transport and save yourself from the traffic. And we know not everyone has a collection of superb bikes in their garage. So, for those we offer bike on rent in Bangalore.
You can rent bike in Bangalore from Rentnhop at some of the cheapest prices available in the city. We have a wide range of two-wheelers on rent in Bangalore. The best part about our bike rentals is our bikes have been frequently maintained and are in good condition. Now and then, we add a new fleet of bikes to our existing lot so that we offer more types of monthly bike rental bangalore.
Staying in a city like Bangalore, you should also explore the city. With our bike rentals in Bangalore, you can be completely assured about their conditions. We get our bikes from a chosen group of vendors which have been approved by Rentnhop. One can also bike on rent in bangalore monthly basis that too at reasonable prices bundled with some attractive discounts. We regularly roll out exciting offers and deals for you. So the next time you plan to visit in and around the city of Bangalore, you simply remember Rentnhop and rest assured.

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Bike Rental in Bangalore should be Easy, Like our FAQs.

How much does it cost to rent bike in Bangalore?

Bangalore is one of the top metropolitan cities, called as the hub of IT and an expensive city to live. To reduce your traveling with public transport, we offer cheap bike on rent in Bangalore. Our motorcycle rental bangalore can cost you anywhere between Rs 550 to Rs 5000.

How can I rent a bike in Bangalore?

Renting bike in Bangalore is not as hard as living in Bangalore. Bangalore has become the Hub of IT now and technologies are everywhere. That's why you just need to use this simple technology of renting bike in Bangalore. Just visit our website and choose your bike and pick it up.

Is long term bike rental a good option?

If you're living in a 24/7 hustle city like Bangalore and daily traveling is your need then monthly bike rental in Bangalore is the best option for you. Because it helps you to save up some extra cost for bike on rent in Bangalore.

Is scooty a better option than a bike for renting in Bangalore?

The majority of people are perplexed by Bangalore's bike rental service. Because it could be difficult to decide between a scooty on rent in Bangalore and a Bangalore bike rental.

Everything about bike on rent in Bangalore

Bangalore is likely to come to mind when someone thinks about cutting-edge technology and innovation as a way of life according to wikipedia. True, there is more to this metropolis of roughly nine million people than technology and futuristic thinking, but it isn't called the Silicon Valley of India for nothing. Beyond just superbike rental bangalore, we will give you reasons to visit this beautiful city.
Our list and guide for booking bike on rent in Bangalore of the top places to visit in Bangalore will help you explore every inch of this fascinating city, from its countless cultural and historical landmarks to the art, wildlife, and architecture that will make you swoon in no time. And it’s far easier to visit these places with scooty rental in bangalore.
To mention countless insults! Old temples, exciting nightlife, and delectable cuisine are just a few of Bangalore's many attractions, often known as Bengaluru. Do you intend to properly explore Bangalore during your upcoming trip? Consider renting bike in Bangalore for your upcoming weekend excursion to some of the nearby sites!You'll be spoiled for choice with so many fantastic options, but we've got it all figured out for you with our top bike rentals in Bangalore. Read further below

Why choose RentnHop for bike rental in Bangalore?

Due to our presence in more than 40 locations, including Bangalore, and our dedication to delivering quality service over quantity, we are among the top bike rentals in the nation. You can expect a very sophisticated experience if you take a monthly bike rental Bangalore of the bikes we have to offer.
With RentnHop two wheeler rent in bangalore, you may finally fulfill your fantasies of experiencing the thunderstorm in the inner spirit because this company has a selection of superbikes. You only need to sign up once, then choose your ideal journey from the place of your choice.
We follow a fairly stringent maintenance schedule to maintain the fleet's cars and trucks in good shape. You may depend on us if you want a reliable and enjoyable bike. With regular deals and offers rolled out, even your pockets would feel just as fine as you do on one of their bikes. So, whenever you feel like visiting Bangalore, choose RentnHop for bike rent Bangalore and experience something new with our service.

Table of Content

  1. Benefits of renting bike in Bangalore
  2. How to reach Bangalore
  3. How to book a bike on rent in Bangalore from RentnHop
  4. Where to live in Bangalore affordably
  5. Places to visit in Bangalore
Benefits of renting bike in Bangalore

Bike rent in Bangalore is a shared mobility service that lets consumers rent a vehicle only as long as they need it and then return it. Economically, it is a far superior choice. Instead of spending a large amount of money upfront to purchase a vehicle, users can purchase a two-wheeler as needed for a little fee. Users are also not required to bear the cost of maintenance and insurance. Additionally, we provide our Bangalore consumers who take 2 wheeler rental bangalore round-the-clock roadside support.
You can choose an affordable, simple, and quick way across the city that is suitable for your daily commute or those enjoyable rides on the weekends. The real thing about the superbike rental Bangalore scene is what RentnHop brings to you. We are one of the most well-known names in the industry, therefore our website offers a huge selection of vehicles, including Harleys, gearless scooters, and hyper-ride models like Dominar and KTM.
Honestly, you can always rent a two wheeler rent in bangalore, if you don't possess a vehicle. You'll be spoiled for choice with so many fantastic options, but we've got it all figured out for you with our top bike rental in Bangalore.

How to reach Bangalore?
By Airplane

At Bangalore International Airport, which is 40 kilometers from the city, you can fly to go to Bangalore. To go to the city from here, you can use prepaid taxi and bus services or our bike on rent in Bangalore Airport. This airport serves both domestic and international flights, making it simple to reach the city.

By Rail

The center of Bangalore has the train station. Trains from all around India, including the Mysore express from Chennai, the Karnataka Express from Delhi, and the Udyan express from Mumbai, which travels through several important cities in between, all arrive in Bangalore. Anyone can get here with a bike on rent in Bangalore Railway station. By using these methods, getting to Bangalore becomes simple.

By Road

Major national highways link the city of Bangalore to a number of other cities. Buses from the adjacent state frequently travel to Bangalore, and from Bangalore's bus terminal, a number of buses travel to important South Indian towns. We offer bike on rent in Bangalore bus stand, you can check before visiting here.

Affordable Places for living and bike renting in Bangalore


Comparatively speaking to other locations in North-West Bangalore, Malleswaram is also considered as one of the first-born residential zones of Bangalore, where you can find balanced and reasonably priced housing. It is renowned for both its social and cultural legacy. Tree-lined avenues, temples, parks, and fast transportation are some of the city's key draws, which has enhanced the fluctuating demand in this neighborhood.


The best feature of this area is how quickly you can go to KempeGowda International Airport—it only takes 20 minutes. The city's IT hubs are about an hour away with activa on rent in bangalore core and are located there.
As Nadarprabhu Kempegowda I built the city of Bangalore from this region, it is most likely the oldest part of the city and has significant historical value. At the moment, it is a lovely neighborhood ideal for families. This region is likewise undergoing significant growth and is anticipated to become the city's next IT corridor.


In the residential neighborhood of Basavanagudi, there is still a sense of the charm of earlier Bangalore. This formerly residential region is teeming with vegetation, historic temples, and stunning flats offering the greatest lodging at a reasonable price. You can reach here by superbike rental bangalore service easily. Due to the availability of surrounding markets, cultural organizations, parks, and restaurants, this neighborhood is favored for residential use. Additionally, it has safe connections to several areas of Bangalore.


Hip restaurants and rooftop bars cluster around 80 Feet Main Road, while the streets around Jyoti Nivas College are also known for trendy stores selling funky clothes and accessories. Upscale apartment complexes are interspersed with the commercial buildings on the tree-lined avenues.

Top 5 Places to visit in Bangalore
Innovative City for Film

Visit the Innovative Attractions to explore amusement parks, museums, and different places like Cartoon City and Wild West Wind; go to the Innovative Studio to explore the glamorous film industries. To indulge in some international cuisine and retail therapy in the interim, visit Innovative Style. The Innovative Film City is an excellent mash-up of a variety of topics that is enjoyable for both kids and adults. So, when you visit Bangalore, be sure you use a bike rental in Bangalore and bring your family or friends to this destination.

Nandi Hills

When people think of intriguing places to visit in Bangalore with RentnHop bike hire in Bangalore, Nandi Hills is without a doubt at the top of the list. If you like the concept of admiring a magnificent sunset while surrounded by hills and rich flora, this is the location for you. Fly out early on a Saturday to Nandi Durg, or Nandi Betta as it is well known, with your loved ones.


Bangalore is adjacent to a few amusing places that can be reached using bike rental in Goa. For the perfect weekend, Scooty on rent in Bangalore or take your family and friends by car to Wonderla. The Wonderla amusement park offers visitors an amazing experience with more than 50 wet and dry rides. You can ride the roller coaster to decompress, or you can simply relax by the pool. In conclusion, Wonderla is one of the best vacation spots for families, especially those with young children.


Lalbagh Botanical Garden in Bengaluru is a prestigious botanical garden. It acts as a concrete example of Indian history. Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan lived here, as did the British Empire and independent India, and thus Lal Bagh has been occupied for a very long time. Rare plant and vegetation species can be found here.

The National Museum of Modern Art

You'll be amazed by the collection at the National Gallery of Modern Art, one of the fascinating places to see in Bangalore with RentnHop bike rentals! The colonial-era mansion itself is a great joy, with its grounds and artwork from the early 18th century masters up until Indian independence.

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