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Two Wheeler On Rent In Kolkata

How does bike rentals in Kolkata work?

Bike on Rent in Kolkata from RentnHop is simple and hassle free. Place a reservation on our website, a Reservation Voucher is immediately sent to your email and SMS. On the day of pickup simply head to the pickup location followed by KYC, Bike Check, Pay Remaining Amount and you are ready to go. When returning a quick Bike and Challan Check is followed by Security Deposit Refund. That’s it!

Is fuel included in the tariff?

No, fuel is not included in any of the rental plans. However, RentnHop provides enough fuel for you to reach the nearest Fuel Station at the start of the Trip. Bike Rental in Kolkata works on this criteria.

What documents are required to rent a Bike in Kolkata?

Outstation Trips depend on the Location and Bike Type.You can easily find this detail while making a reservation. RentnHop also have affordable Homestay options, 24X7 On call Mechanic Support, Spare part kit to offer for such trips.

How much is the security amount for each Bike?

RentnHop does charge a security deposit for each Bike. But do remember this is a 100% refundable security deposit which is returned back at the end of the trip. Refundable Security Deposit depends on location and the Bike and starts with as low as Rs.1000 for a Scooty on rent in [City Name] to a higher amount for Superbike on rent in Kolkata .It is refunded on return after checking for challans and damages.

What are the timings to pick / drop the Bike?

Each Location has different timing according to local conditions. Exact timing is mentioned clearly while reserving the Bike on Rent in Kolkata details page.

Where can I get my rented Bike from?

Multiple pickup locations for Bike Rental in Kolkata are available. RentnHop has locations near Railway Station, Bus Station, Airport and major tourist spots in Kolkata

What items are included in the rental price?

A) Motorcycle /Scooty for the reserved period. B) Documents (RC, Third Party Insurance and Pollution Certificate) C)One Complimentary Helmet D)Service with a smile :)

How do I reserve the Bike

You can either reserve online at or call our in-house Trip Specialist at +91-9818627676 to rent a bike in Kolkata. Either way the renting experience with RentnHop always remains hassle free and safe.

What if I return the Bike late?

RentnHop work on a reservation model, that means all the bikes would usually have another reservation after your return time.When you bring the Bike late it affects future reservations. RentnHop always recommends that you call us in advance and extend your reservation for the delay period. In case of no extension and delayed return a fine is imposed which is clearly mentioned in T&C while reserving the bike.

What are the terms and conditions to rent a bike in Kolkata?

It is mandatory to bring Original Driving License and Original Voter ID Card/Aadhaar/Passport for KYC. Rider’s minimum age depends on the type of vehicle and starts from 18 years of age for bike rent Kolkata. Detailed T&C is mentioned while reserving the vehicle. Please read carefully and accept to proceed with your reservation.

Do you provide scooty on rent in Kolkata on monthly basis?

Yes! Whether you are just moving to a or started going to office RentnHop has Monthly Scooty Rental Kolkata plans available for you. You can check the same on our website by changing the rental tenure to 1 month and above.

Do you provide any additional service?

RentnHop have multiple Homestay options available in most of the cities in India. RentnHop also provides Riding Gears, Tempo Traveller, Support Vehicle and Complimentary Itinerary service to all our customers planning for trips across the country.

What is the fuel policy for bikes rented from Rentnhop?

Rentnhop provides bikes with a full tank of gas, and customers are expected to return the bike with the same fuel level. If the bike is returned with less fuel, the customer is charged for the additional fuel.

Does Rentnhop provide insurance for rented bikes?

Yes, Rentnhop provides insurance for rented bikes, which covers damages or theft of the bike. However, the insurance does not cover personal injuries or damages to third-party property. Reading all important policies is a must before making any decision.

What documents are required to rent a bike with Rentnhop?

Customers need to provide a valid driving licence and a government-issued ID proof to rent a bike with Rentnhop. To get a bike on rent in Kolkata, you must have these IDs because without these IDs it wouldn’t be possible.

Does Rentnhop provide pick-up and drop-off services?

Yes, Rentnhop provides pick-up and drop-off services to customers who don't want to travel to the rental location. But you have to make sure that you have already gone through all the details before getting a bike on rent in Kolkata.


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Bike Rental In Kolkata

RentnHop is an Indian headquartered Motorcycle Rental Platform, with presence in all major cities across India including Kolkata. Bike on Rent in Kolkata brings major convenience by eliminating the cost of ownership and maintenance. Customers can choose from a wide range of fleets ranging from Honda Activa to Hayabusa with multiple pickup points near Bus Stand, Railway Station and all major tourist spots. Hassle Free Reservation, 24X7 Assistance, Mechanic Support, Complimentary Accessories, Cloakroom, Delivery and Pickup are few of unique services offered by RentnHop.

Consistently top-rated RentnHop has been awarded#StartupIndiarecognition for innovation in “Passenger Transportation Services” viacertificate no DIPP67514.With a mission to build the world's largest Motorcycle Rental platform, RentnHop promises transparent and affordable pricing forBike Rental In Kolkata.

Why Rentnhop is the best bike rental company

Scooty on rent in Kolkata have become a popular option for travellers and locals alike who you may not discover otherwise. With the availability of multiple rental companies in the want to explore the city at their own pace. two wheeler rent in kolkata is a great way to navigate the narrow streets and busy traffic, and it allows you to see the city's hidden gems. That’s why bike on rent in Kolkata has become easier and more affordable than ever before.
One of the primary benefits of renting bike in Kolkata is the flexibility it offers. Unlike other modes of transportation, a bike on rent in Kolkata allows you to explore the city at your own pace and on your own schedule.
With bike rental in Kolkata, you're not limited by public transport schedules, and you're free to explore any part of the city you want. Whether you're looking to discover Kolkata's colonial-era architecture or explore its vibrant street markets, a rental bike gives you the freedom to do so.
Another advantage of Monthly bike rental Kolkata is that it's an affordable option. Compared to taxis or other forms of private transportation, renting bike in Kolkata is significantly cheaper. This makes it an excellent choice for travellers who are on a budget or for locals who want to save money on transportation costs.
When it comes to bike on rent in Kolkata, there are several companies that offer a variety of bikes to choose from. One of the most popular rental companies in the city is Rentnhop.
They offer a wide range of bikes, including Royal Enfield, Harley Davidson, and Triumph. The company also provides pick-up and drop-off services, making it convenient for travellers who don't want to waste time travelling to a rental location. Rentnhop also offers superbikes on rent in Kolkata. If you're looking for a more eco-friendly option, you must choose Rentnhop.

How to reach Kolkata?
By Air

You should not be concerned if you're wondering how to get to Kolkata via plane. The city is connected to all the major cities in the nation and the rest of the world by the Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, also known as the Kolkata International Airport. Rentnhop offers bike on rent in Kolkata near Airport, you can easily get it and visit the places in Kolkata.

By Rail

The two main railheads in the city are located in Howrah and Sealdah. The question of how to get to Kolkata by train is answered by the fact that both of these railway terminals have excellent connections to all of the major cities in the nation.We also offer bike on rent in Kolkata near Railway station.

By Road

The West Bengal state buses make it easy for visitors to reach this place. You can travel around the nation on a variety of private buses from this location for an affordable price. Sunderbans (112 km), Puri (495 km), Konark (571 km), and Darjeeling are other locations close to Kolkata (624km).

Places to visit in Kolkata
Victoria Monument

Victoria Monument, a majestic white structure, is one of Kolkata's most popular tourist attractions, and with good reason. It is named for Queen Victoria and is now a museum, making it ideal for history enthusiasts.
Visit this location if you ever want to take a stroll through our history and consider how far India has come since its colonial era. To visit Victoria Monument, get a bike on rent in Kolkata or even scooty on rent in Kolkata.
Evenings feature light and sound performances. A number of artworks, artefacts, sculptures, and literature are also used to illustrate the time period of India's freedom movement. We advise investing at least 3 to 4 hours on learning about the history of our nation.

Howrah Bridge

It would be an understatement to suggest that Howrah Bridge is among the best spots to see in Kolkata. Howrah Bridge, an unofficial symbol of the city, is worth a visit if you want to spend some time by yourself with nothing but the ocean in front of you. At dawn and dusk, you can sit here and meditate or just watch the fisherman at work. You can easily find monthly bike rental kolkata to enjoy every single evening on Howrah Bridge. Still confused? Just visit the place and see yourself.

Park street

Go to Park Street if sharing pictures of brunches with your besties is your favourite activity. because the cafes and restaurants here are the most photogenic! People now congregate on Park Street to unwind in the evening. This area is home to everything from famous clubs and pubs to fine dining establishments. Now it is your time to contact Rentnhop and get your favourite bike on rent in Kolkata.


Maybe one of the liveliest and most lavish holidays observed in Kolkata is Durga Puja. This event takes place on a large scale and lasts for more than ten days, with everything from the pandals to the delectable food offered on the final day. Although everyone should put seeing the grandeur of this celebration in the city on their bucket list, if you consider yourself to be more creative, we advise visiting Kumartuli to see how the Durga idols are produced.
A roughly 300-year-old pottery village, the area comes alive in the weeks leading up to the festival. The area's around 150 families work assiduously to complete each idol during the celebration.

Babu Ghat

While Princep Ghat is among the most well-known sites to visit in Kolkata, Babu Ghat is a less crowded location that also has beautiful vistas. It is ideal for photographers and deserves a visit before it gets too busy because it offers a wonderful perspective of the famous Howrah Bridge. To visit Baby Ghat, we recommend you to get a bike on rent in Kolkata or even superbike rental in kolkata.

College Street

There is no better location than College Street to buy books in Kolkata. College Street, one of the best destinations for young people to visit in Kolkata, is comparable to Delhi's Daryaganj, with the exception that it is open seven days a week.College Street has everything, from used books to school materials. Be sure to bargain and wear relaxed attire and sneakers.

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