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Two Wheeler On Rent In Jaipur

How does bike rentals in Jaipur work?

Bike on Rent in Jaipur from RentnHop is simple and hassle free. Place a reservation on our website, a Reservation Voucher is immediately sent to your email and SMS. On the day of pickup simply head to the pickup location followed by KYC, Bike Check, Pay Remaining Amount and you are ready to go. When returning a quick Bike and Challan Check is followed by Security Deposit Refund. That’s it!

Is fuel included in the tariff?

No, fuel is not included in any of the rental plans. However, RentnHop provides enough fuel for you to reach the nearest Fuel Station at the start of the Trip. Bike Rental in Jaipur works on this criteria.

What documents are required to rent a Bike in Jaipur?

Outstation Trips depend on the Location and Bike Type.You can easily find this detail while making a reservation. RentnHop also have affordable Homestay options, 24X7 On call Mechanic Support, Spare part kit to offer for such trips.

How much is the security amount for each Bike?

RentnHop does charge a security deposit for each Bike. But do remember this is a 100% refundable security deposit which is returned back at the end of the trip. Refundable Security Deposit depends on location and the Bike and starts with as low as Rs.1000 for a Scooty on rent in [City Name] to a higher amount for Superbike on rent in Jaipur .It is refunded on return after checking for challans and damages.

What are the timings to pick / drop the Bike?

Each Location has different timing according to local conditions. Exact timing is mentioned clearly while reserving the Bike on Rent in Jaipur details page.

Where can I get my rented Bike from?

Multiple pickup locations for Bike Rental in Jaipur are available. RentnHop has locations near Railway Station, Bus Station, Airport and major tourist spots in Jaipur

What items are included in the rental price?

A) Motorcycle /Scooty for the reserved period. B) Documents (RC, Third Party Insurance and Pollution Certificate) C)One Complimentary Helmet D)Service with a smile :)

How do I reserve the Bike

You can either reserve online at or call our in-house Trip Specialist at +91-9818627676 to rent a bike in Jaipur. Either way the renting experience with RentnHop always remains hassle free and safe.

What if I return the Bike late?

RentnHop work on a reservation model, that means all the bikes would usually have another reservation after your return time.When you bring the Bike late it affects future reservations. RentnHop always recommends that you call us in advance and extend your reservation for the delay period. In case of no extension and delayed return a fine is imposed which is clearly mentioned in T&C while reserving the bike.

What are the terms and conditions to rent a bike in Jaipur?

It is mandatory to bring Original Driving License and Original Voter ID Card/Aadhaar/Passport for KYC. Rider’s minimum age depends on the type of vehicle and starts from 18 years of age for bike rent Jaipur. Detailed T&C is mentioned while reserving the vehicle. Please read carefully and accept to proceed with your reservation.

Do you provide scooty on rent in Jaipur on monthly basis?

Yes! Whether you are just moving to a or started going to office RentnHop has Monthly Scooty Rental Jaipur plans available for you. You can check the same on our website by changing the rental tenure to 1 month and above.

Do you provide any additional service?

RentnHop have multiple Homestay options available in most of the cities in India. RentnHop also provides Riding Gears, Tempo Traveller, Support Vehicle and Complimentary Itinerary service to all our customers planning for trips across the country.

Do you provide a bike to visit Hawa Mahal?

Yes, Hawa mahal is one of the most visited places in Jaipur(Pink City). People love to come here from all over the country. We offer bike on rent in Jaipur to visit Hawa Mahal for all the tourists here. You can get your desired bike on rent in Jaipur to explore places like Hawa Mahal.

What documents are required for bike on rent in Jaipur?

To ensure your security, we offer reliable and trustworthy bike rental services. For a seamless and rapid pickup on the day of travel, we are the first bike rental company in India to provide E-KYC Verification. An original ID is required to get a bike on rent in Jaipur.

Which is better: Scooty or bike on rent in Jaipur?

Jaipur is known for its small markets and long roads. And both of the vehicle has it's own benefits. If you're the one who likes simple riding without any gear system experience, go for scooty on rent and if you like enjoying gear and have more budget, get a bike on rent. You'll love both rides in this pink city.

What is the price for renting bike in Jaipur?

Bike rental in Pune differs from person to person. We provide a variety of bikes in a range of price points. Therefore, everything depends on the customer's preferences. The prices of each bike are already listed on our website.


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Bike Rental In Jaipur

RentnHop is an Indian headquartered Motorcycle Rental Platform, with presence in all major cities across India including Jaipur. Bike on Rent in Jaipur brings major convenience by eliminating the cost of ownership and maintenance. Customers can choose from a wide range of fleets ranging from Honda Activa to Hayabusa with multiple pickup points near Bus Stand, Railway Station, Sindhi Camp, Forts and all major tourist spots. Hassle Free Reservation, 24X7 Assistance, Mechanic Support, Complimentary Accessories, Cloakroom, Delivery and Pickup are few of unique services offered by RentnHop.

Consistently top-rated RentnHop has been awarded#StartupIndiarecognition for innovation in “Passenger Transportation Services” viacertificate no DIPP67514.With a mission to build the world's largest Motorcycle Rental platform, RentnHop promises transparent and affordable pricing forBike Rental In Jaipur.

Why should you choose RentnHop?

There might be many Jaipur bike rental providers that you can choose but what if I tell you there’s a difference between good and great?
RentnHop can be one of the favorite bike rental providers across the country. bike rent in Jaipur are offered through RentnHop, a simple bike rental organization. We are a reputable business that has been providing monthly bikes on rent in Jaipur successfully. Our business offers a large selection of motorcycles, all of which are well-maintained. We are known for offering some of the most economical bike rentals in Jaipur. You may enjoy your trips to Jaipur and explore the city however you like with the help of our bike on rent in Jaipur.

Table of Content

  1. Benefits of renting bike in Jaipur
  2. How to reach Jaipur
  3. How to book a bike on rent in Jaipur from RentnHop
  4. Where to live in Jaipur affordably
  5. Places to visit in Jaipur
Benefits of renting bike in Jaipur

With beautiful palaces and big rivers, this pink city is full of places that you might not have seen before. You will definitely need a vehicle to visit these places and it is not necessary that everyone has a car. That's why a bike on rent in Jaipur is the best idea to travel in any city, because by renting bike in Jaipur, you can travel in any city without any hassle and for less money. Along with this, you also get freedom by getting a Scooty rental in Jaipur on your own, which is not available on any public transport.
Every bike enthusiast on the planet yearns to ride the newest model. People are drawn to the most recent bike because of its features. And if you don't have the money to buy the newest bikes, you can ride your old bike or rent one. The best choice is to get activa on rent in Jaipur.
Bike on rent in Jaipur is a more cost-effective option when you're spending your vacation days in the city or for everyday use. And if you live in Jaipur and want to get a bike for daily use, a monthly bike on rent in Jaipur is the best option for you. Bike ownership is usually more expensive and dangerous than bike rental. Whether you've been yearning to ride the Continental GT or the Thunderbird 350, renting bike in Jaipur is the ideal way to try something new.
You will be able to realize better returns on owning a bike if you rent one for a longer period of time. When you self drive bike in jaipur you first spend less money, and then you see an incredible return on your investment. If you can use the rental bike you collect from your trips to show the value of your purchases, your chances of gaining more experience will be higher.

How to book a bike on rent in Jaipur from RentnHop?
  1. Go to your web browser and double-click it to start. When it opens, enter Google's home page will launch soon.
  2. Type comparable search terms, such as "bike on rent in Jaipur," into Google's search box and click Enter to access the website of Jaipur's most reliable bike rental firm, RentnHop.
  3. Identify the RentnHop website and click that link. Immediately, the homepage of the RentnHop bike rental business will appear.
  4. Additionally, you may find the paperwork you need to complete in order to rent a bike. Complete all the required fields before selecting continue bike reservation.
  5. Select the city for Jaipur and date you want to rent bikes in Jaipur. And reserve the available bike for your dates.
  6. And you can also contact +91 9818627676 and [email protected]
How to reach Jaipur?
By Airplane

Sanganer Airport is the one that is most convenient to Jaipur. It is situated ten kilometers from the city's centre. Flights connect the airport with a number of significant Indian cities, including Mumbai and Delhi. International passengers can connect flights to Jaipur from the airports in Mumbai or Delhi. You can always find bike rental near Jaipur Airport.

By Rail

Through the nearby railway junction, Jaipur is connected to a variety of cities. For a royal experience, one can ride the Palace on Wheels. This train leaves from Delhi and travels between numerous cities in Rajasthan. RentnHop offers bike on rent in Jaipur Railway station.

By Road

An excellent road system connects Jaipur to important Indian towns. The NH 8, NH 11, and NH 12 are the main national highways that connect Jaipur with other cities. New Delhi is merely 235 kilometers away from this wonderful city, while the Taj Mahal's site in Agra is about 220 kilometers away.

Places to live affordably in Jaipur

Malviya Nagar

One of the more popular residential neighborhoods in Jaipur is Malviya Nagar. Due to the presence of several industrial and commercial establishments and its reputation as a busy commercial center, this area has emerged as the top choice for business travelers. Top-performing IT companies like Genpact, Gaurav Tower, World Trade Park, bike rental service, malls etc. are located in Malviya Nagar. Malviya Nagar has high-class location amenities that allow you to live a steady life, hence the residential costs there are fairly pricey.


South of Jaipur's Jagatpura is a well-known neighborhood that has experienced fast growth. It boasts numerous prestigious hospitals, schools, engineering universities, IT companies, etc. that can meet the needs of all of its citizens. Jagatpura is a more desirable place for a family searching for a home because it offers the finest transportation connectivity to areas like Sitapura and Malviya Nagar for hassle-free transportation.

Ajmer Roads

One of Jaipur's well-organized residential and business districts, Ajmer Road is also recognised for offering high-paying jobs and furnished homes. The area's residential and infrastructure spaces have significantly improved. The best home builders are tackling projects with the intention of altering the cityscape. This place is suitable to live at affordable rates and also for getting bike on rent in Jaipur.


The whole infrastructure and opulent residential communities in Durgapura have grown dramatically. Here, you may live a comfortable life close to all the amenities of modern life. Due to its good accessibility via Tonk Road and Mansarovar, Durgapura has become one of the most popular places to live. You may enjoy your weekends by visiting intriguing sights to take a break from your busy life

Places to visit in Jaipur
Hawa Mahal

It is a palace located in Jaipur, Rajasthan, around 300 kilometres from Delhi, the capital of India. Red and pink sandstone was used in its construction. It was constructed to enable royal ladies to observe festivals on the streets covertly. It is the perfect summer palace since it has 953 windows, which let in a lot of breeze. The museum, the confined spaces, and the vibrant glasswork in the windows and doorways shouldn't be missed. You’ll find a lot of traffic around the palace so it is ideal to get a bike on rent in Jaipur.

Amber Fort.

Its official name is Amer Fort, and it is situated 11 kilometres from Jaipur in Amer, Rajasthan, India. Raja Man Singh originally constructed it; Sawai Jai Singh later completed it. It is Jaipur's top tourist destination and is perched high on a hill. It is renowned for the creative aspects of its design. Get a two wheeler on rent in Jaipur and explore the fort's subterranean passages. Tourists must hire a private guide before visiting the Unesco World Heritage Site in order to learn the fantastic tales of mythology, betrayals, and romance at the Amber Fort.

Nahargarh fort

The NAHARGARH fort is located near the Indian city of Jaipur, in the state of Rajasthan, close to the Aravalli Hills. The name Nahargarh means "tiger's home." The views from Nahargarh Fort are unmatched when it comes to sightseeing in the area of Jaipur. It also has Madhavendra Bhawan, a royal summer retreat. If you want to visit this place at any time, you should get a bike on rent in Jaipur. Visitors can also check out the sculpture park and wax museum at the fort. The restaurant's fort offers traditional Indian food.

Jal Mahal

In Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, there lies a palace called Jal Mahal in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake. In 1699, the palace's initial construction began. You might initially believe the JAL MAHAL is a mirage after taking one look at it. On top of Man Sagar Lake's sparkling surface, the opulent castle appears to float. Simply from a distance, tourists must admire the palace's beauty. It is beautifully illuminated at night, reflecting a golden glow onto the ocean. So just get a scooty on rent in Jaipur and enjoy it here.

Johari Bazaar

Indian workmanship preserves its culture and traditions for all time, and has expert gem cutters working on sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. In Johari Bazaar, one may expect to find some of the finest jewelry items with beautiful Kundan-Meena work. This place is definitely going to be crowded and it’s a great idea to get a activa on rent in Jaipur. A popular destination in Jaipur for individuals who enjoy shopping and those looking for mementos. Make a pit stop at any cafe in the vicinity of the market once your shopping frenzy is over.

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