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Pune, one of India's top metropolises, is a top choice for many people looking for a place to call home. The majority couldn't really be incorrect, can it?
It's a blend of rich history, a millennial lifestyle, and an ambitious future all in one, aside from the opulent world. From having a strong Peshwa tradition to being regarded as the nation's IT hub. We have everything, from the urban way of life like the café culture to holy locations, affordable places to stay, cheap bike rent Pune and two wheeler on rent in Pune, remnants of Indian Independence, and museums, from tourist attractions in Pune to places to visit nearby by rental bikes.
Pune is one of those Indian cities that has embraced modernization while preserving its own traditions and culture. It is one of the top tourist destinations in the state of Maharashtra because it has a lot of entertainment options and interesting historical sites to explore according to wikipedia. There have been numerous malls, clubs, theme parks, etc. built recently. In this article, we've also created a list of Pune's top attractions that you can visit by your own vehicle or bike on rent in Pune or scooty on rent in Pune.
Pune will not disappoint those who enjoy seeing temples, historical sites, forts, and lakes. One of the best aspects of this place that draws visitors from all over the world is the food.

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Bike Rental in Pune should be Easy, Like our FAQs.

How can I rent a bike in Pune?

Pune has always been our preferred choice for renting bike in Pune. And it's pretty easy to get a bike on rent in Pune. You just have to visit our website RentHop and select the bike of your choice and pick it up from the location.Even if you wish door step delivery we provide it with very nominal charge.

What is the cost for a bike on rent in Pune?

The cost of bike rentals near me in Pune varies from person to person. We offer different – different types of bikes at different prices. So, it all depends on the choices of the customer. We have already mentioned the price of every bike on our website.

Can I rent a bike on weekly or monthly Basis in Pune?

Bikes are available for hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly hire. Rent decreases as the length increases. If you want to have a bike on rent in Pune for a longer period, you can get a monthly bike on rent.

What paperwork is needed to rent a bike?

It is really important to understand what documents to have before rental bikes in Pune. Every bike renting company always asks for original documents. You must present an original ID and a copy of your driver's licence.

Why RentnHop is the best option for Pune bike rental?

There are numerous businesses in India that offer bike rental services all around the nation. However, RentnHop consistently stands out for offering two wheeler on rent in pune.Only a few relevant companies provide bikes on rent in Pune, but RentnHop offers this service all throughout the nation. To learn more about our service for various cities, you can look up scooty on rent in pune. Along with these cities, we also serve Goa, Chandigarh, Delhi, Manali, etc.
A bike may handle any need, from light-duty to those designed for regular use. RentnHop places a high priority on your protection, therefore we make sure that every bike on rent in Pune is in good condition and receives routine maintenance.We provide bikes on rent like Harley Davidson, Royal Enfield, Benelli, Yamaha FZ, Pulsar, Avenger, etc.
In Pune, RentnHop is the best and most practical option if you want to bike on monthly rent in pune. Every single person in the city needs a vehicle for transportation because of the city's business. Getting a bike on rent in Pune provides you the freedom to go wherever you choose, from attending meetings to meeting families.
When selecting a daily commuter bike, you have a lot of possibilities, including several expensive versions. Road trips can be taken on rental bikes from our rental to places like Mahabaleshwar, Kolad, and others.we offer premium bikes like Harley Davidson, Imperial Enfield, Benelli which are worth eyeteeth. Over every one of the rates are reasonable and coordinated with the market range.
Unbelievably, RentnHop has altered people's perceptions about 2 wheeler on rent in Pune. We have made it incredibly simple to rent a two wheeler rental in pune. From sports bikes to commuter bikes, RentnHop offers a wider range of bike types for rent at affordable rates. Making a reservation on our website is simple. We also provide sports bikes and bullets for rent in Pune.

Table of Content

  1. Benefits of renting bike in Pune
  2. How to reach Pune
  3. How to book a bike on rent in Pune from RentnHop
  4. Where to live in Pune affordably
  5. Places to visit in Pune
Benefits of renting bike in Pune

Using bike rental services could be one of your best choices if you enjoy riding bikes because they are convenient and reasonably priced. Due to the emergence of numerous bike rental outlets, you may now rent bikes in Pune on a monthly basis.
Because you may select from a variety of bikes, including tandems and cruisers, renting bike in Pune has several benefits. From environmental benefits to affordable to budget, you can rent bike in Pune with so many benefits. To get all these benefits, you must visit Pune and check bike rental services near Pune.

How to reach Pune?
By Airplane

Nearly 10 kilometres between the Lohegaon district of the city, where the core of Pune is located, from the airport. One may easily find a taxi outside the airport as well as different transit options to travel into the city. We offer bike on rent in Pune Airport, you can check out the list on our website.

By Rail

Pune is a significant and crucial railway junction in the Indian railway system. Pune's connections to other significant cities throughout the nation make it simple to determine how to get there by train.

By Road

A comprehensive road system connects Pune has good connections to the majority of the nation's regions and then to the major cities in Maharashtra. Major bus services are provided by state-owned bus companies, which are also fairly affordable. Ahmadnagar (115 km), Mumbai (120 km), Aurangabad (215 km), and Bijapur (275 km) are a few significant cities that are close to Pune and can all be reached by car. RentnHop offers bike on rent in Pune bus stand. and we also provide bike on rent with different pick-up & drop-off location/city like bike on rent in mumbai, bike on rent delhi, bike on rent in jaipur, bike on rent in goa, bike on rent in leh, bike on rent in chandigarh, bike on rent in manali, bike on rent in rishikesh, bike on rent in udaipur.

Where to live in Pune affordably?


Pune's IT district, Hinjewadi, is well-liked by young professionals. Pune has rapidly expanded as a result of the Hinjewadi IT centre. It is one of the least expensive areas in Pune to rent a flat because it is teeming with young professionals who choose to live in shared housing. From getting a bike on rent in pune near Hinjewadi to affordable flats, you can visit here for these services.


Dhankawadi in Pune, which is home to several of the city's top colleges, draws a sizable influx of students each year. Dhankawadi, which is close to NH4, offers affordable PGS and flats for rent that may be shared.
This is the reason why bike rental in Dhankawadi is available in the cheapest range at affordable prices.We offer Bike Rentals in Dhankawadi also.
Due to its proximity to the Swargate bus station, Dhankawadi, which was formerly a small village, has grown into a well-established urban district with excellent access to other areas of Pune. Get a scooty on rent in Pune and visit this place to check out. The well-known Katraj Lake and Snake Park are all around Dhankawadi, allowing the pupils to take in the scenery while reading their favourite novels.


Katraj, which connects Kolhapur and Bangalore, is a popular destination for young students and professionals to live on a salary. Katraj is well-known for its lake and Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park. A large statue of the renowned warrior and king Chattatrapti Shivaji Mahara is located on an island in the lake. Living within the foliage is the perfect setting for all nature enthusiasts.
Due to the high concentration of students and young professionals in the region, Katraj provides residential flats at reasonable prices. To visit this place, you can get a bike on rent in Pune near Katraj. Additionally, it is close to the Swargate bus stop, which serves as the hub for all daily public transportation in Pune.


For those looking to escape the bustle of city life, Bhosari is a new neighbourhood that is perfect. Bhosari, which is thought to be Pimpri Chichwad's most populated area, is growing quickly.


Warje, which is 12 kilometres from the city centre, is located on the Mutha River's bank. Warje, which was formerly farmland, is now a prosperous neighbourhood in Pune. Famously, Warje is said to be the "spiritual extension" of Pune's most costly neighbourhood, Kothrud. RentnHop offers bikes on rent in Pune near Warje.

Places to visit in Pune
Aga Khan Palace

The magnificent palace is renowned for its structural beauty as well as its historical significance because Mahatma Gandhi and other leaders of the liberation movement were once imprisoned within its walls. The palace currently serves as the headquarters for the Gandhi National Memorial Society. Just get a superbike on rent in pune if you don’t have your own vehicle and visit here.

Lal Mahal

Do you want to know more about Maratha's history? then proceed to Lal Mahal, a building that was built in 1630. Shivaji spent a significant portion of his early years here. The historic confrontation between Shivaji and Shaista Khan, in which the Maratha leader amputated the latter's finger as he tried to flee, also occurred in this palace.
Today, the palace serves as a tribute to Shivaji and is home to numerous artworks that reflect various moments in his life. Jijamata Garden surrounds Lal Mahal, where you can relax while your children play. And it is far easy to visit this place with a bike on rent in Pune.

Purandar Fort

At a height of 4472 feet above sea level, Purandar Fort, located southwest of Pune, is a building rich in historical significance and bravery. The bigger of the Purandar and Vajragad twin forts is this one. This fort has been a recurring location in Shivaji's uprisings against the Adil Shahi Dynasty, and Sambhaji, Shivaji's son, was born there.

Empress Garden

Empress Garden, which bears Queen Victoria's name, is a 39-acre historical green space where you may have some romantic time with your special someone. This charming garden offers you various quiet corners where you can have a private conversation with your sweetie without being disturbed.
It is scattered with flowers and trees that create mesmerising vistas. Here, you and your special someone can take a leisurely stroll while escaping from your hectic workday and the aggravating traffic gridlock. Visit this place with bike on rent in Pune or scooty on rent in Pune and it's totally your choice. There is a snack shack inside the garden that you may rely on if hunger threatens to ruin your plans.

How to book a bike on rent in Pune from RentnHop?

We are gonna tell you the steps to tell you how you can easily get a bike on rent in Pune from our website.

  1. Go to your web browser and double-click it to start. When it opens, enter Google's home page will launch soon.
  2. Type comparable search terms, such as "bike rental in Pune," into Google's search box and click Enter to access the website of Pune's most reliable bike rental firm, RentnHop.
  3. Identify the RentnHop website and click that link. Immediately, the homepage of the RentnHop bike rental business will appear.
  4. Additionally, you may find the paperwork you need to complete in order to rent a bike. Complete all the required fields before selecting continue bike reservation.
  5. Select the city for Pune and date you want to rental bikes. And reserve the available bike for your dates.
  6. And you can also contact +91 9818627676 and [email protected]

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