Monsoon Biking in Mumbai: Tips for a Rainy-Day Adventure

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The monsoon has arrived in Mumbai, bringing plenty of rain and slippery streets. But that doesn’t mean we need to hang up our helmets and park our bikes for the season. With the right preparation and precautions, monsoon biking on a bike rental in Mumbai can still be an exciting adventure in the city.

Check your bike in advance 

Riding in the rain requires some extra care and gear. Make sure your bike on rent in Mumbai is serviced and the brakes, tires, lights, etc are in good condition before heading out. Carry rain gear – waterproof jackets, pants, gloves, and shoes are a must to stay dry. Equip your bike with plastic bags to cover the seat and gear levers. Be sure to wear bright colors for visibility. Pack a small towel and an extra pair of socks in case you do get wet.

Things to keep in mind 

When riding, go slow and keep your distance from other vehicles. Avoid potholes, manholes, oily patches, and rail tracks which can be extra slippery when wet. Apply brakes gently and watch for skids. Corner slowly and don’t make sudden turns or lane changes. Be extra alert near bus stops, metro stations, and crowded areas. Keep your eyes peeled for pedestrians rushing for cover from the rain.


That being said, Mumbai in the monsoons can be picturesque if you know where to go. Marine Drive is less crowded and the waves are more dramatic. Riding past the rain-washed historic architecture of Colaba and Kala Ghoda is pleasant. The green hills and lakes of Sanjay Gandhi National Park are rejuvenated after the showers. Stop at Chaitya Bhoomi and gaze at the sea, or continue to far-flung beaches like Aksa, Marve, and Gorai.

If you want to avoid traffic, try scenic routes like Madh Island Road, Carter Road-Bandra Fort, or the Bandra Worli Sea Link early in the morning. Go on a ride to Kharghar Hills or Talao Pali Lake for spectacular views of rain clouds over the valley. Or just roam the empty, glistening streets of South Bombay while the city sleeps in late.

Plan your activities in advance 

Make a fun day of monsoon biking on a bike rental in Mumbai with some rainy-day activities. Stop for chai and bhajiyas at roadside stalls. Splash through puddles in your waterproof gear. Enjoy hot vada pav after getting drenched. Click selfies against an atmospheric marine landscape. Pack a waterproof Bluetooth speaker and soundtrack your ride. Stop to help push stranded vehicles, spread some smiles, and make new friends.

Stay safe after sundown as visibility is poor. Avoid going out if rain is extremely heavy with flooding or thunderstorms. Check for weather updates and flood alerts before heading out. Don’t ride if you don’t feel confident about the conditions.

With some preparation and care, the monsoon can be an amazing time to explore the city on two wheels. The rain-washed streets are emptied of traffic and crowds. Nature is rejuvenated, and the air feels cleaner. The earthy petrichor smell is heavenly. Everything feels calm, quiet, and soaked in moody shades of grey. Don’t miss out on the unique experience of monsoon biking on a bike rental in Mumbai. 


Let me know if you need any tips on the best bike on rent in Mumbai. I’d be happy to provide some recommendations on bike rental in Mumbai and gear to help make your monsoon rides more comfortable and fun. Ride safe and keep enjoying the Mumbai rains.


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