Guide for Women for Solo Travelling in Mumbai

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Hey ladies! Planning a trip to Mumbai and want to experience the magical nightlife? Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

Mumbai is known as the city that never sleeps, with brightly lit streets, bustling night markets, and happening pubs and restaurants open well past midnight. As a major metropolitan city, Mumbai offers tons of attractions and activities even after the sun goes down. However, as a solo female traveler or with your girl’s gang, safety is paramount. You want to have fun but also remain vigilant and take precautions.

How safe is Mumbai really for ladies at night?

In general, Mumbai is considered quite safe for women compared to other similar big cities. Violent crimes against women travelers are rare. During the day, you can freely roam around the main tourist areas like Colaba, Bandra, and Juhu without much trouble.

But it’s recommended to avoid deserted alleys, poorly lit areas, and traveling alone late at night. Like other metros, incidents of eve-teasing and groping in crowded public transport have occurred. It’s best to take prepaid taxis from authorized operators at night. Also, beware of ‘‘fake’’ police asking for bribes.

So what’s the solution for girls who want to stay out late and have a blast in this amazing city?

Get a bike on rent in Mumbai 

Bike rental in Mumbai gives women freedom of movement and control over their travel. Instead of relying on public transport or taxis, you can zip around the city at night in your own vehicle. It’s also cheaper than cabs, especially for short distances.

Some key advantages of Mumbai bike rental:

  • Avoid harassment/groping on public transport
  • No need to rely on potentially unsafe taxis
  • Flexibility to go wherever, whenever you want
  • Saves money compared to cabs
  • Feel empowered cruising through the nightscape solo or with friends
  • Easy parking around most hotspots

Where to get a bike on rent in Mumbai 

A company like Rentnhop offers bike rental in Mumbai. You can book them online or by visiting their outlets across the city.

Rates are affordable, starting around ₹500-800 per day for gearless scooters and ranging up to ₹1200-1500 for powerful bikes. You’ll likely need to submit a copy of your driver’s license and identity card. Make sure you carry all the important documents before you get a bike rental in Mumbai.

Once you’ve got your stylish ride, you’re all set for a fun-filled nocturnal adventure across Mumbai. 

Safety Tips for Girls on Bike Rental in Mumbai: 

  • Stick to well-lit main roads as much as possible
  • Wear closed shoes and tied-up hair to avoid accidents
  • Carry a helmet & wear it at all times
  • Keep your phone charged in case of emergency
  • Avoid drinking & driving
  • Ride defensively by watching speed, spacing from vehicles
  • Park only in safe areas like malls, petrol pumps
  • Maintain a moderate speed and avoid stunts
  • Know basic bike repairs in case of flat tire, overheating engine, etc

So, ladies, bike rental in Mumbai is a smart way to enjoy Mumbai’s fiery nightlife while staying safe. Follow basic precautions and get ready for an epic girl’s night out in this sizzling seaside city.


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