Complete Guide for Delhi to Ladakh Bike Trip

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Any motorbike enthusiast or traveller would tell you without hesitation that Leh Ladakh and Delhi are their ideal destination for a road trip. Every rider and traveller should enjoy a journey to Leh Ladakh at least once in their lifetime.

Don’t panic if you are considering beginning in Delhi but have not yet planned your schedule. We’ve done the legwork for you and developed a guide that will guarantee you the greatest road trip from Delhi to Ladakh and we have also covered how you can get a bike on rent in Ladakh and enjoy your trip. 

Best time to visit Ladakh

The beautiful view you will encounter on the way there is one of the main justifications. Riders who enjoy a challenge will be delighted to travel along winding paths and stop at interesting locations. The picturesque mountains in Leh’s background will enchant you as well.

It is hard to drive down the roads in Leh Ladakh during the winter because they are covered in ice. We advise visiting Leh by road between the months of June and August when summer is in full swing for the finest experience. The atmosphere is nice, and there are many areas where you may stop and take in the wonderful atmosphere of the hills.

Bike Rental Rentnhop

You can get a bike on rent in Leh if you don’t have one already or one that’s suitable for this excursion. A nominal, refundable deposit is required for Leh Ladakh bike rental that start at Rs. 1500 per day.

Searching for travel companions? You can go on a tour by bike on rent in Ladakh. Many bikers leave Delhi on lengthy journeys, particularly those that go to Leh Ladakh. Bike excursions to the mountains are also arranged by a few tour companies.

Things to do in Ladakh 

1. Ice Hockey 

Ice hockey is the sport for you if you love the winter. It’s time to take some good shots for ice hockey on natural ice, so put on your skates. Let your blood boil while the cool breeze plays with your face and hair. In Ladakh, it is also referred to as Pond Hockey. The greatest time to indulge in this sport in this paradise is from November to January.

2. Heli Skiing 

For ski enthusiasts in India, it is the ultimate location. You will be dropped from a height of 17,000 feet above sea level, and the sensation is absolutely captivating. You need to be in excellent health and have a challenging mentality when skiing if you want to enrich your skiing experience. Are you prepared for this shiver-inducing encounter now? You can visit here with our Leh Ladakh bike rental

3. Horse Polo 

Festivals are when this place typically displays its true colours. The main event, the Ladakh Festival, is celebrated in full zeal every September. When the area is decorated with vibrant Tibetan flags, prayers, and other symbols, the entire area comes to life. The valley and plains are also getting ready for a horse polo competition, which is a beautiful sight.

Places to visit in Ladakh

1.  Khardung La 

On this slope, which is thought to be mysterious, it is thought that gravity causes vehicles to move. There have been numerous cases of parked cars moving by themselves with no human intervention. Enjoy this phenomenon here for a while before continuing north to the Khardung La, the highest motorable pass in the world. It is recommended to visit this place with a bike on rent in Ladakh or even scooty on rent in Ladakh. 

2. Nubra Valley 

Take a ride down to the Nubra Valley to see the picture-perfect views of the highlands. You can get a bike on rent in Ladakh for this ride. Take a relaxing rest, unwind here for a while, and then travel to the valley’s monastery. At the Nubra Valley, you could also go on a safari through the sand dunes.

3. Thiksey Gompa 

In Leh, there is a revered Buddhist temple called the Thiksey Gompa. This monastery, which is perched on a hill, was constructed in traditional Tibetan style. Inside the temple, a sizable statue of Buddha is present. Also, there is a library where you can read books about Buddhism and Tibet. We offer Leh ladakh bike rental and you can get an amazing bike on rent in Leh from Rentnhop. 


This, in our opinion, is the greatest way to appreciate a bike road trip from Delhi to Ladakh. Given that Srinagar is a fantastic place to stop for a vacation, we have offered you the best routes we could. Send us a message in the comments section below if you have any questions about extra activities, a different route, or a bike on rent in Leh and we will be happy to assist you in making plans.

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