5 Benefits of Getting a Bike Rental in Mumbai

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Heading to Mumbai and want to really dive into exploring this fast-paced city? One of the best ways is to get a bike on rent in Mumbai. Zigzagging through chaotic streets and along breezy seasides by bike gives you a thrilling taste of Mumbai. Plus biking comes with lots of advantages over other modes of transport when discovering Mumbai. If you’re a true follower of our blogs, then you must know how beneficial bike renting could be. 

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Here are 5 prime benefits of Mumbai bike rental for getting around Mumbai:

1. Avoid Mumbai’s Traffic Jams

Mumbai traffic is notorious, with endless congested roads and rush hour gridlock. By bike you can zip through small gaps, dodge jams, and breeze past stalled taxi lines. While cars crawl bumper-to-bumper, you’ll enjoy the open road.

Lane splitting is allowed in Mumbai too. So bikes can legally weave between cars stopped in traffic. Pretty handy for beating the endless traffic jams.

2. Reach Hidden Places & New Routes

Walking and taxis usually stick to the main tourist routes in Mumbai. But on a bike rental in Mumbai, you can steer down narrow alleyways, and hidden local lanes, and find shortcuts off the beaten path.

Discover hole-in-the-wall restaurants down concealed side streets. Find alternate routes to avoid crowded roads. Pullover spontaneously anywhere that grabs your eye. The mobility of a bike lets you find hidden corners of Mumbai that tourists usually miss.

3. Save Money Over Other Transport

Taxis, Ubers, trains, etc – getting around Mumbai by other modes of transit can burn through your budget fast. But bike rentals are relatively inexpensive in comparison. For just a few hundred to a couple thousand rupees, you can get a bike on rent in Mumbai for a whole day of adventuring across the city. Much cheaper than spending the same on multiple cab rides.

Save even more by packing your own snacks and water while riding to avoid having to buy food on the go. The savings add up quickly over a day of Mumbai sightseeing by rental bike.

4. Feel the City’s Vibrance

Public transport isolates you from the buzzing energy of Mumbai. But on a bike, you’ll be immersed in the city’s chaotic symphony of sights, sounds, and smells. Ride along the busy Worli Seaface promenade as locals jog and chat. Zip through crowded bazaars with vendors calling out deals. Stop and snack on flavorful pani puri and vada pav from roadside food stalls. Absorb Mumbai’s kinetic spirit up close.

5. Breezy Coastal Views

Mumbai’s beautiful coastline winds along the Arabian Sea. And views of the blue water stretching to the horizon are best enjoyed from the seat of a bike.

Cruise along Marine Drive and feel the sea breeze. Ride over the Bandra-Worli Sea Link bridge overlooking the waves below. Find scenic oceanfront routes like from Bandra Bandstand to Juhu Beach. The coastal roads are perfect for wind-in-your-hair biking far from the inner city crowds.


So if you’re heading to fast-paced Mumbai, ditch the stuffy cab and take two wheels instead! Getting a bike on rent in Mumbai lets you beat traffic, uncover hidden local gems, save money, soak in the city’s energy, and enjoy ocean vistas as you roll. Let me know if you have any other questions about getting around the city by bike on rent in Mumbai. Until then, ride safe and ride free.


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