The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Delhi to Leh Bike Trip

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If a bike trip from Delhi to Leh is on your bucket list, you’ve come to the right place. As someone who has done this epic journey a few times now, let us guide you through planning the ultimate Delhi to Leh bike trip from start to finish. This blog is a perfect guide for you if you want to plan a Delhi to Ladakh trip in today’s time. Because you can understand how hard it is to plan a trip these days and it’s even harder when you don’t own a vehicle. That’s where bike rental in Delhi comes in for help. 

Get a bike rental in Delhi 

First things first – getting a suitable bike on rent in Delhi. This should be the first thing we can talk about always. With rough roads and high-altitude passes on this route, you need a well-built bike that can handle the terrain. Royal Enfield Classics like the Bullet and Electra are popular choices you can easily rent in Delhi. Many bike rental agencies like Rentnhop offer well-serviced Enfield bike on rent in Delhi, complete with spare parts, tools, and luggage carriers fitted. Choose one that fits your budget and experience level. We do not recommend you push more when you can’t afford it. Find the right vehicle according to your budget. 

Plan out your route 

Once you’ve booked your Bull, it’s time to start planning your route from Delhi to Leh. The most popular route takes around 10-12 days – Delhi > Manali > Jispa > Sarchu > Leh. You can break this into multiple days of riding around 150-200km daily. We would recommend adding buffer days to account for acclimatization, sightseeing, or any roadblocks along the way. The Manali – Leh highway usually opens by the end of May or early June after the winter snow clears, so plan your trip accordingly. It’s a must thing to plan your trip keeping all things in mind.  

Where to stay in Leh

As far as accommodation goes, you have a mix of options from camping sites in Jispa to budget hotels in Leh town. I generally prefer homestays along the way as they offer the chance to sample authentic Ladakhi hospitality and food. For most accommodations, you can book one or two days in advance through online apps or on the spot. However, in peak seasons like July/August, advanced booking is recommended for Leh hotels.

The place to visit in Leh

One of the most critical aspects of this ride is managing Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) as most high passes exceed heights of 16,000 feet. Ascend slowly, keep yourself hydrated, and don’t push yourself too hard. Carry medicines like Diamox handy which helps combat AMS. Also essential is packing for extremely cold weather especially while crossing high passes with temperatures dipping to as low as -10 degrees Celsius even in summer. So carry all your cold weather gear without fail.

Things to take care of before the ride

When it comes to bike gear – good quality riding accessories like knee guards, padded shorts, weatherproof gloves, riding jackets, etc will keep you comfortable and safe on this long ride. Don’t compromise on these especially if you are not an experienced rider. Also, take spare fuel cans to tackle scarce petrol stations in remote areas. Essentials like puncture kits, GPS devices, chargers, bike torches, etc will come in handy when least expected. You can check our other blogs to get a complete guide on things to prepare before any journey. This blog is dedicated to the Delhi to Leh trip on a bike rental in Delhi. 


And that’s pretty much it. From getting a bike on rent in Delhi, reliable ride, and planning your route, gear, and accommodation to being aware of AMS symptoms – this blog covers everything you need for an epic Delhi to Leh trip. But more than anything, keep the right adventurous spirit to embrace the highs and lows of this challenging yet hugely rewarding journey or even the challenges of life. Keep aside at least two weeks to immerse yourself fully. Two weeks is definitely an ideal time to enjoy this journey. See you in Ladakh, my friend. 


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