How to Maintain a Bike for Long Rides in Gurgaon?

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Planning a long bike ride out of Gurgaon for that weekend getaway? Our customers, our teams, and I have done it many times in our life. So it would be an ideal thing if we start sharing tips on how you can have long rides. Let me share some crucial bike maintenance tips to ensure your iron beast is ready for those long hauls.

As an avid biker living in Gurgaon, I rely on bike rental in Gurgaon for quick day trips to Neemrana Fort or longer rides to Jaipur and Agra. But the thing with rides over 200 km is you have to be prepared with more than just your saddlebags. The bike itself needs some TLC beforehand. At Rentnhop, we always prepare our customers with the best bike on rent in Gurgaon so they can have an amazing experience in their lives. 

Over the years after multiple breakdowns and working in the bike rental industry, I’ve learned basic bike maintenance skills that every passionate rider in Gurgaon should know. These tips will give you peace of mind during your long rides out of the city. 

Tips for Pre-Ride Bike Maintenance

Check Tyre Pressure & Tread Depth

The most important thing is ensuring proper air pressure in both tires. Underinflated tires make handling difficult and can cause punctures. Check the recommended tire pressure rating for your bike model and use a pressure gauge for accuracy. Also, examine tire treads. If under 2-3mm, it’s risky on wet roads, and time to change them or ask your bike rental in Gurgaon provider to fix it. 

Check Chain Tension

A loose chain can slip or come off completely during rides. So check chain tension by pushing it up and down midway between sprockets. Ideally, there should be only 15-20mm of slack. Tighten it to proper tension if it is loose. Also, lubricate the chain so it doesn’t snap.

Inspect Brakes

No bike maintenance is complete without checking the brakes. Whether you are getting a bike on rent in Gurgaon or going on your own bike. Apply brakes firmly and check if you can insert one finger between the lever and the grip. If more, the brakes need adjustment. Also, check the condition of brake pads. Worn-out pads need immediate replacement else braking performance will suffer.

Check Headlights and Reflectors

Long highway rides often stretch into the night so functioning headlights and reflectors are a must. Switch on the headlights and rev the engine to check the high/low beam. Also inspect the condition of reflectors on wheels, rear sprocket, etc.

Change Engine Oil

Old oil loses lubricating properties so change engine oil before a long trip. Use the recommended grade and quantity of oil for your bike. Dispose of old oil responsibly. Don’t ignore this basic step.

Inspect Spark Plug

Remove and inspect the spark plug. If corroded or too much deposit on it, change the spark plug. A clean spark plug ensures better fuel combustion and pick-up.

Check Air Filter

Remove the air filter and tap it gently to remove dust. If too clogged, wash it in warm water and let it dry completely before reinstalling it. The engine needs a clean air supply.

Check Coolant Level

Ensure sufficient coolant in the reserve tank. Coolant maintains optimum engine temperature on long rides. Top it up if required but don’t overfill.

Lube Control Cables

Cables that are sticky or stiff make acceleration/braking difficult. Clean and lubricate the clutch, brake, and accelerator cables using spray lube for smooth operation.

Check Nuts & Bolts

Examine major fasteners like wheel axle nuts, engine mounting bolts, etc, and tighten any that are loose. Don’t ignore loose nuts/bolts.

With these maintenance tips done, your bike is ready to devour miles and miles on the highway. Some key tips during your long ride from Gurgaon:

  • Start early morning when traffic is minimal
  • Keep to the left lane and ride at a constant speed
  • Take short breaks every 2 hours to stretch your body
  • Keep yourself hydrated at all times
  • Make sure the engine doesn’t overheat in traffic jams
  • Watch out for stray cattle on highways
  • Keep spare fuses, bulbs, spark plugs


Riding a well-maintained bike will give you the confidence to go on epic trips from Gurgaon. But if you wanta well maintained bike already then you should choose bike rental in Gurgaon. You’ll be geared up to handle any minor repairs required en route. Just don’t ignore those important maintenance steps before kickstarting your next long ride.

With these handy tips, you and your bike on rent in Gurgaon will be all set for incredible journeys across Rajasthan, UP, Punjab, and beyond. Don’t forget to come back home. Happy riding. 


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