Comparing Bike Rental Prices in Delhi

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Whether you’re a Delhiite or visiting India’s capital city, renting a bike can be an exciting and convenient way to get around. The freedom of zipping through chaotic streets, wind in your hair – a fun experience indeed. 

bike on rent in delhi

However, there are some key things to keep in mind to make your bike rental experience smooth and safe. As a Delhi resident familiar with getting a bike on rent in Delhi, allow me to share some tips on what you should know:

Choosing a Reliable Bike Rental

With hundreds of options for “bike on rent in Delhi“, how do you pick one? My advice is to avoid shady roadside rentals and use an established company instead. Check for good reviews online and ensure they provide well-serviced bikes. Reputed brands like Rentnhop offer premium bikes, flexible bookings via website and doorstep delivery.

Inspecting the Bike Thoroughly

When you get a bike on rent in Delhi, inspect it properly before accepting delivery. Check for damage, test brakes, and lighting, and ensure papers like insurance and PUC certificate are in order. Take pictures of existing damages for proof. Ask the rental provider to address any issues before you take the bike.

Understanding Traffic Rules, Routes

Delhi traffic can be challenging even for locals! First-time riders should avoid extremely congested stretches during rush hours. Learn some key traffic rules like lane driving, overtaking protocols, one-ways, and right-of-way at intersections. Using apps like Google Maps helps navigate safely. Plan routes in advance.

Riding Defensively With Precautions

Bike rental in Delhi needs extra precaution. Always wear a helmet and ensure you have a valid license. Follow the speed limit, use signals properly, and honk judiciously. Keep your distance from other vehicles and stay alert. Keep documents like license and bike papers safe. Call emergency contact if needed.

Being Realistic About Distances

As a sprawling metro, Delhi has heavy traffic, and distances are greater than you might expect. Be realistic about how far you can ride in a given timeframe. Anything over 30-40 km in a single trip can get tiring to cover on a bike. Plan enough time to account for traffic delays too.

Choosing the Right Bike Model

Delhi’s roads are not ideal for heavy, high-powered bikes. Opt for gearless scooters like Activa for shorter commutes and navigating congested areas. For slightly longer trips on wider roads, 100-150cc bikes work well. Only experienced riders should use Royal Enfields or other premium bikes.

Managing Fuel Stops

When getting a bike on rent in Delhi, keep track of your fuel usage. Stop frequently for refueling as you want to avoid running empty on the road. Keep some cash handy to pay for petrol. Make a note of fuel pump stations along your planned trip route.

Handling Breakdowns or Accidents

While rare if you ride carefully, accidents or breakdowns can still happen. Your Delhi bike rental company should offer round-the-clock roadside assistance. In case of minor breakdowns, take the bike to the nearest garage. For accidents, call emergency services if anyone is hurt. Notify the rental provider and police promptly.

Booking Your Bike Easily with Rentnhop

For hassle-free bike rental in Delhi, I highly recommend Rentnhop. You can easily book bikes online via their app for hourly, daily, or longer durations. Their delivery team drops the bike at your address. All bikes are well-maintained and fully insured for damage protection. Their 24×7 support also assists with any emergencies en route.


So ride safe, take precautions, follow traffic rules, and avoid rush hours. Stay alert but don’t miss out on the joy of exploring India’s capital on two wheels! Trust me, Delhi takes on a whole new vibrant vibe when experienced atop a bike.

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