Bike Rental Journey for Leh-Manali Highway

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If you’re an adventure junkie like our team, getting a Leh Ladakh bike rental for a road trip along the Leh-Manali highway should be high on your bucket list. Add this activity to your list and make the best out of your journey. Winding through some of the world’s highest mountain passes, this route offers unmatched vistas and challenging riding terrain.

Bike on Rent

As someone who has done the trip, let me share my experience of getting a bike on rent in Ladakh and prepping for the epic journey ahead. Whether you’re a pro rider or a novice, these tips will help make your Leh-Manali highway road trip smooth and memorable.

Choosing the Right Motorbike

The highway between Leh and Manali spans 479 km of varying road conditions. And 479 Km looks huge distance when you don’t have much experience. You’ll encounter smooth tarmac, gravel stretches, and steep inclines. So the bike must be up for the challenging trip. Yes, this is a challenging trip. 

A tried and tested option for the Ladakh terrain is the Royal Enfield Classic 350 or 500cc. These sturdy bikes can handle unpredictable roads with ease. I’d recommend renting an Enfield from one of the many bike rental in Leh. Do a thorough inspection before hiring – check tires, brakes, lights, etc.

If you prefer more power, bikes like BMW G310R or Kawasaki Versys 650 are great alternatives. But opting for fancier or heavier bikes can get tricky if you’re a novice rider.

Whatever you choose, pick up the bike at least 2-3 days before your trip. It’ll give you time to get accustomed to the bike and fix any issues. Don’t forget to get spare tubes, a patch kit, and a portable air pump in case of punctures.

Getting Paperwork in Order

Riding to Leh and Manali from Delhi involves crossing state borders. So proper paperwork is a must to avoid hassles with traffic police. Here are some important documents you’ll need:

  • Valid Driving License
  • Registration Certificate (RC) of the rented bike
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance
  • Inner Line Permit (ILP) if visiting restricted areas

It’s best to get multiple photocopies of all documents in case the originals get misplaced. If renting from an agency, check if they can provide the RC, PUC, and insurance. The bike agencies in Delhi are quite efficient in handling paperwork.

Apart from these, do carry your bike’s service record, ID, and address proofs. Print out a detailed itinerary with emergency contacts too. It’ll come in handy if you need assistance en route.

Preparing for the Ride

Once you’ve got your bike rental in Ladakh, some pre-trip preparation will go a long way in ensuring a safe Leh-Manali trip.

Firstly, get geared up. Get a good quality helmet, riding jacket, pants, knee guards, gloves, and ankle-length rider boots. These will safeguard you from harsh weather during the 10-hour-long riding days.

Next, assess your physical fitness. Work on stamina through cardio, yoga, and strength training leading up to the trip. Acclimatize your body to high altitudes by taking small hikes around Delhi.

For the bike, get a thorough service done including an oil change, chain lubrication, and battery check. Stock up on ample fuel, engine oil, and spare parts like bulbs, spark plugs, etc. They’re life savers in case of breakdowns mid-trip.

Finally, plan your route well. Mark key stops like petrol pumps, ATMs, and accommodation in Google Maps beforehand. Travel apps are great for road trip planning.

And that’s it! With the bike on rent in Ladakh, paperwork handled, and preparatory drills completed – you’re all set for the Leh-Manali highway adventure.

Life on the Highway

Once on the road, staying alert and adopting safe riding habits are key. The route has some precarious sections like the Zoji La pass and Baralacha La with steep hairpin roads.

Ride slowly and keep a safe distance from other vehicles. Be extremely cautious of gravel, wet patches, and potholes. Hydrate well and take plenty of breaks to avoid fatigue.

Carry basic tools and spares to manage minor repairs en route. At high altitudes, look out for symptoms of AMS like headache, and nausea. Descend immediately and rest if this happens. Use a pulse oximeter to monitor oxygen levels regularly.

Though challenging, the picturesque views along the highway make up for any difficulties faced. From azure blue Pangong Lake to mountain-flanked roads around Khardung La – the vistas will take your breath away.

Make the most of them by stopping frequently at viewpoints. Chat with friendly locals, sip ginger lemon tea at dhabas, and capture memories on your DSLR. The varied landscapes and culture of Ladakh are best experienced at a slow pace on your own set of wheels.


Before you know it, you’ll be riding into Manali marking the end of the epic journey of bike rental in Ladakh. As you return the bike to Delhi, you’ll be left with a treasure trove of memories, gorgeous photos, and a sense of accomplishment. So what are you waiting for? Use these tips and start planning your dream bike rental trip to Leh-Manali today! Let me know if you need any other suggestions. Ride safe and ride happy.


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