5 Tips on How to Save Money on Delhi Trip

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Delhi offers tons to see and experience but it’s no secret that costs can add up quickly. As someone who has mastered the art of traveling affordably in India’s capital city, let us share our 5 proven ways to save money while getting a bike on rent in Delhi and exploring everything this vibrant city offers. 

Tip #1: Rent during off-season

The rush to get bike on rent in Delhi reaches its peak from March to June when the weather is prime for riding and students are on summer vacation. Rental rates can get inflated by as much as 30% compared to the off-season months of July to September. Of course, temperatures are hotter then, but you can still have a wonderful time exploring Delhi early mornings and evenings without burning your wallet. Most bike rental agencies in Delhi like Rentnhop offer discounted rates for longer bike rental in Delhi too. Avoiding peak demand allows rates to cool off and stretches your rental budget easily.

Tip #2: Head to trusted backpacker neighborhoods

If luxury isn’t high on your agenda, base yourself in hip yet affordable neighborhoods like Paharganj, Majnu ka Tila, or Karol Bagh for budget dorms and hotels under Rs1000 a night. You’ll find lots of fellow backpackers here always willing to split the costs for street food, local experiences, and tips on what to see. Add to that lots of low-priced local cafes and bars serving Indian and global comfort food starting from Rs100 per meal. Oh, and easy access to renting an Enfield or Avenger on a backpacker budget with agencies like Rentnhop. 

Tip #3: Skip the fancy attractions

We used to be guilty of only checking out the famous paid attractions in a new city (blame those travel bucket lists!). But when funds were low during our last Delhi trip, we explored smaller cultural centers, indie galleries, and public parks which were just as interesting minus the entry fees or souvenir stall distractions.

Delhi has an abundance of history and art you can experience affordably if you ditch the commercial tourist traps and just walk around soaking in the local flavor in areas beyond India Gate and Connaught Place in central or South Delhi. Strike up a chat with a shopkeeper, try street snacks locals are munching on, people watch or simply observe daily life pass you by. Before you know it, you’ll have a memorable time without spending much.

Tip #4: Use public transit

As fun as riding your own Bullet or Avenger bike rental in Delhi might sound, you can actually experience the very ‘Delhi vibe’ just by hopping on public buses and the metro with locals. Purchase a rechargeable Smart Card to avoid standing in queue for tickets and use Google Maps for routes. Auto rickshaws are also perfect for short distances where haggling is a must. When your legs are tired, try urban cycle rickshaws around Old Delhi or Nizamuddin. Public transit lets you soak in the city rhythm economically while resting your rented bike.

Tip #5: Pack your own snacks

Whether you are exploring Old Delhi monuments or taking a day trip to nearby Agra, carrying some homemade sandwiches, fruit, energy bars, etc eliminates spontaneous food splurges when hunger strikes. Stock up on drinking water and chai at roadside tea stalls instead of fancy coffee shops.  Have a hearty breakfast to keep you full longer. Little frugal habits like this during daily sightseeing help to squeeze more value from your shoestring budget. Who says you need deep pockets to experience India’s diversity at its best?


So there you have it – our money-savvy guide for a budget yet fulfilling time when you get a bike on rent in Delhi for solo exploration or just kicking back and observing local life go past. Try at least some of these tips and we assure you you’ll return home with delightful memories without going broke. After all, creating magical moments is what travel is all about, not how much you can splurge. Ride on and ride thrifty my friend.


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