10 Day Trip to Manali with Friends and Family

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Who’s up for the most epic 10-day trip ever to Manali? Just picture it – majestic mountain scenery all around, thrilling adventures with your best pals, getting a bike rental in Manali, delicious food, and nightlife – doesn’t it sound like a slice of heaven?

This trip is going to be just like a scene out of Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani – full of excitement, breathtaking views, and lifelong memories. We’ll soak in the scenic town, get our adrenaline pumping, dance under the stars – basically live it up like Bunny and friends. 

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Day 1 to Day 3 

Day 1 is when we’ll roll into Manali after taking an overnight bus from Delhi. Everyone will be groggy but once we gulp down some chai and breakfast, the vacation vibes will kick in!

First things first – we have got to get some wheels to explore this gorgeous valley. Let’s head to Rentnhop, offering bike on rent in Manali right away to pick up a few Royal Enfield Bullets for the week. Nothing beats cruising around mountains with the wind in your hair. Safety first – helmets for everyone before we hit the road.

The bikes will let us easily discover Manali’s most stunning scenic spots. Day 1 we’ll drive along the rushing Beas River with snow-capped peaks towering above and make our way through deodar forests to check out Hidimba Temple.

Day 2 we have to do the quintessential Manali nature experience – hiking through pristine valleys and meadows blanketed in wildflowers. Let’s pack a picnic, get off-road on the bikes, and spend the day amidst jaw-dropping beauty. Keep your cameras handy. 

For Day 3 we’ve booked an epic full-day river rafting excursion on the Beas. We’ll pick up packed lunches and then gear up in wetsuits, helmets, and life jackets for a thrilling ride through churning rapids! Not too dangerous but just enough to get those adrenaline pumping.

Day 4 – Day 7 

After all that action, on Day 4 we’ll chill with a bike ride up to Old Manali to check out the quirky cafes and shops. I heard there’s a traditional village temple tucked further up the mountain that has insane views. A nice easygoing day before we switch things up.

You guessed it – Day 5 calls for a road trip! Let’s load up your bike rental in Manali and drive out toward Rohtang Pass. We’ll take tons of stops on the way to admire the mountain landscape, snap pics, and just soak it all in. Keep an eye out for those furry Himalayan friends too. 

Assuming we’re all tired from our ride, Day 6 will be a lazy afternoon floating down the Kullu River. After that, we can hit up local markets and restaurants in the evening. Think grilled trout, veggie curries, naan, and glorious mountain views as we eat. 

Day 7 is when we check paragliding off the bucket list! The Solang Valley has perfect conditions – we’ll soar on breathtaking flights over forests and meadows. Maybe grab dinner at a fun restaurant in the valley after.

Day 8 – Day 10 

For our second-to-last day, Day 8, it’s time to visit Jogini Falls. We’ll take the bikes on scenic roads out to this serene spot for a short hike through forest paths to the thundering 150-foot cascade. Have those cameras ready. 

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. On Day 10 we’ll slowly make our way back to Delhi, stopping along the way for last-minute souvenir shopping or any sights we missed earlier. Exchange those hugs and promises to do this again soon. 

Whew, just writing out that 10-day Manali itinerary has me buzzing with excitement! Let’s make it happen. Just picture it – majestic Himalayan scenery all around, thrill-filled adventures during the day, delicious food and dance party nights, lifelong bonds formed – this is going to be the trip of a lifetime. 


Let me know if you’re down, you can get your bike on rent in Manali from Rentnhop. I am sure you know the importance of getting a bike on rent in Manali. And feel free to suggest any other must-do experiences in Manali that we should add to the plan. Whether it’s mountain biking, camping, or more, I want this to be a nonstop parade of epic memories. Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, right? Let’s seize the youth and this amazing place.


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